New high end Fuji-Millican bags

Fuji and Millican bags

In an ever-moving industry where collaboration between camera and fashion brands is on the rise, we were excited to see the latest in the trend when Fuji met Millican.

This exclusive range of photography bags not only exudes fashion and style but is also fully functional and weatherproof and have been designed to match the Fujifilm X-Series. The bags are available to buy on the John Lewis website.

For more information please see the press release below.

Press release:
Fujifilm UK is launching an exclusive range of functional, weatherproof camera bags for its X-Series cameras in collaboration with Lake District-based outdoor and travel bag brand, Millican.

Fujifilm is proud to announce the exclusive launch, in John Lewis stores, of a new range of camera bags, specifically designed for its X-Series cameras (X-Pro1, X-E1, X-M1, X-A1, X100S and X20). The bags are the result of Fujifilm’s collaboration with Lake District bag company, Millican, who specialise in designing highly functional, durable and classically-styled bags for outdoor living and travel. Both brands are focused on quality and functionality.

Christopher the Camera Bag and Robert the Camera Bag are designed for outdoor use, travel and everyday adventure. The materials used are hard-wearing and feature weather-proofing.

Millican’s bags present considered design, premium quality and vintage style to match the Fujifilm X-Series range. These practical camera bags are for outdoor living, everyday life and travel. Both bags are available to buy on the John Lewis website, and in the following John Lewis stores: Oxford Street, London; Peter Jones, Sloane Square; Stratford city; Cheadle and Southampton.

Christopher the Camera Bag – perfectly suited to Fujifilm’s X Series Compact System Cameras

This bag is designed for adventure and for everyday life, with space for more than just the camera.
• Hooded lid for added security & weatherproofing
• Multiple internal & external pockets for papers, laptop, phone and valuables
• Comfortable, detachable shoulder strap
• Fold-away rain cover in back pocket
• Removable protective inserts for cameras are made from lightweight, weatherproof felt and are cleverly crafted from a single piece of fabric for minimal stitching

Made from:
• 100% organic cotton canvas (weatherproof outer fabric)
• 100% organic cotton lining
• 70% vegetable tanned leather features
• 100% recycled polyester (waterproof rain cover)
• Felt inserts: 50% polyester/40%viscose/10%nylon

Robert the Camera Bag - suitable for the X20, X100S cameras

This bag is designed as the perfect camera bag for travel use:
• Hooded lid for added security & weatherproofing
• Travel friendly - back pocket for boarding pass / passport
• Multiple pockets for notebooks, phone, iPad/notebook (up to 10”)
• Main compartment for your camera
• Wide comfortable shoulder strap
• Removable protective camera insert made from lightweight, weatherproof felt and are cleverly crafted from a single piece of fabric for minimal stitching
Made from:
• 100% organic cotton canvas (weatherproof outer fabric)
• 100% organic cotton lining
• 70% vegetable tanned leather
• Felt inserts: 50% polyester/40%viscose/10%nylon

The unique collaboration came about through a need for Fujifilm to complement the lightweight, compact, premium quality and classic/vintage style of its X-Series premium cameras with a suitable carrying solution.

David Bland, Fujifilm Product Manager for Digital Cameras commented: "Our compact X-Series cameras are designed for spontaneous photography. We wanted to give our customers the bags to match – multi-functional for everyday travel, providing excellent protection from the elements. So we approached Millican, who specialise in outdoor and travel bags, to create an exclusive set of camera-ready bags with functionality, durability, go-anywhere attitude and everyday style to match that of our cameras. We're delighted with the results and so are the photographers we have shared the products with so far."

Millican is becoming increasingly renowned for their highly functional outdoor and travel bags. The bags are made using durable, sustainable materials, including organic cotton canvas with weatherproof treatment, vegetable-tanned leather, and waterproof recycled polyester. Millican bags also reflect the vintage-inspired, classic appearance of the X-Series digital camera range.

Jorrit Jorritsma, co-founder of Millican said: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with a world-leading camera brand to create these new bags, which are named after our friends - like all our bags and accessories. We feel that our functional design philosophy and classic style is a perfect match for the X-Series range of cameras. By creating hard-wearing, lightweight shoulder bags combined with bespoke, removable camera protector inserts we make it easier for people to discover and integrate the joy of photography and outdoor living into their everyday life. ”

To promote the concept behind this inspiring collaboration, Fujifilm and Millican will accompany the launch of the new camera bags with a marketing campaign called 'Freedom Through Photography'. The campaign will involve award-winning photographers who use the cameras and the bags to showcase imagery that will inspire others to make the most of this new, ultimate toolkit for the modern photographer. The campaign can be followed on the hashtag #FreedomThroughPhotography

“In a world that moves faster and faster, photography gives us new perspective. It gives us an escape. It inspires us to pause and see the world differently, to go more places, and to explore more when we’re there.” Jorrit Jorritsma, Co-Founder, Millican.

#FreedomThroughPhotography Ambassadors

Fujifilm and Millican have chosen three ambassadors for the Freedom Through Photography campaign. They are three successful photographers, with different specialisms, who have discovered Freedom Through Photography in their own original ways.

As part of the campaign, these ambassadors were invited to explore one of the most spectacular photographic locations in the UK - the Lake District, Cumbria - over a weekend. Each worked with their own carefully chosen subjects and shared their experiences with each other and on film. Images and film footage from the weekend will be shared as part of the campaign.

Andrew James
Andrew is interested in real stories about real people. He’s found his own escape through independent photography, and in the Lake District, he chose to study a farmer who works in and shapes the area’s iconic agricultural landscape.

Derek Clarke (Professional Photographer of the Year 2012/News category)
Derek specialises in documentary and reportage photography - winner of the Professional Photographer of the Year award for News photography in 2012. He decided to create a story about adventure and recreation in the UK’s most famous natural playground - photographing two generations of outdoor enthusiast.

David Cleland
David is a critically acclaimed photographer who uses the ‘hobby’ as an escape from everyday work in education. He has a real passion for creativity and chose to photograph landscape in the areas surrounding Borrowdale and the Newlands Valley in the Lake District.






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