New accessories and tripods from Vanguard

Vanguard releases

Vanguard has launched some new lines of tripods and accessories including Vanguard bags

The company has announced its new range of ABEO tripods with the GH-300T head designed for photographers and the ABEO Plus Professional tripods designed for videographers.

The GH-300T tripod head is a pistol grip ball head with a built in shutter release trigger, so everything be operated from one piece of kit. Alongside runs the PH-123V, a fluid video pan head with a spring-loaded counterbalance for videographers.

Also available are three series of nags, including the Vojo, designed to be sturdy, protective and have a large capacity for storing camera gear. There are two different shoulder bag sizes and colours to choose from.

To read about the other series of bags and about all the tripods and tripod heads please see the press release below and download the PDF under this article in 'Resources' for full specs and prices of all the products.


Press release:

GH-300T Pistol Grip Ball Head
Featuring a unique, remote shutter release built into the grip handle, GH-300T enables users to trip their camera’s shutter without pulling their hand from the grip. It’s ideal for pursuing, and capturing, fast-moving subjects, even while making zoom lens adjustments.

ABEO Pro Tripod
Loaded with advanced features for rapid setup at any angle - on any terrain - ABEO Pro tripods combine our most celebrated innovations to help taking photography to the next level.

PH-123V video pan head with adjustable drag tension provides incredibly smooth pan and tilt functions and rigid magnesium, closed-type construction for steady videography with HD camcorders and add-ons. A spring loaded counterbalance system makes it easy to work with heavy equipment and is easily activated and deactivated with a large, ergonomic switch.

Abeo Plus 323AT
ABEO Plus 323AT aluminium alloy tripod delivers the unwavering support videographers demand. Its unique Quick Height Adjustment centre column locking mechanism enables instant height changes with minimal effort. Simply flip the large lever lock open, adjust to the desired height, and flip the lock back into place.

Vojo 8/10/13
When travelling with your compact, mirrorless camera system, there’s no clearer path for carrying your equipment than Vanguard’s Vojo series shoulder bags. A refined organizer, Vojo shoulder bags for compact systems offer space for a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC) with attached pancake (model 8), standard zoom (model 10), or telephoto zoom and pancake (model 13) lens, all in a good looking, soft canvas-style bag with leather accents. Carry Vojo by shoulder, or detach its strap and carry it on your belt by using the back attachment flap.

Vojo compact shoulder bags also feature a front compartment and flap pocket for lens caps and other accessories and an included rain cover. Vojo 13 also makes an excellent field bag for optics, with space for a full-size binocular and observation guide.

Vojo 22/25/28
When travelling with camera gear, there’s no clearer path for carrying your equipment than Vanguard’s Vojo series shoulder bags. A refined organizer, Vojo offers space for a camera, personal items, and a padded compartment for a tablet device (model 22 & 25) or a compact laptop computer (model 28), all in a good looking, soft canvas-style shoulder bag that doesn’t shout “camera equipment inside”.

A soft, removable inner box with zippered top safely houses your camera and accessories while also allowing for easy removal for use in a different bag or to use Vojo as an everyday bag. Side adjustment straps can be used to keep the bag compact when used without camera gear.

Vojo also features zippered Quick Top Access, letting you get your camera in hand whenever the moment strikes. A front accessory compartment, zippered front pocket, and flap pocket provide plenty of space for small accessories.

Other features include genuine leather accents, a wide shoulder strap with anti-slip pad, luggage trolley attachment loop that doubles as a handle for short-term carrying, adjustable protective flap, and attached rain cover.


  1. Vanguard releases

    Full specs and prices of products

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