Nikon's 'seven wonders of compacts'

Nikon L25

Nikon have unveiled a vast number of compact cameras today to join their COOLPIX range. Due to be released within the next two months, a total of seven cameras have been revealed each delivering something for everyone. From cameras for the whole family, to those just starting out in photography or want to get creative with 3D video, there is one to suit all styles.

James Loader, product manager for consumer products at Nikon UK has spoken about some of the highlights: “The COOLPIX L25 and COOLPIX L26 are incredibly easy to use, with smart technology that lets you capture great stills and movies, whatever your photography level.

“The COOLPIX S9300 and S6300 are high performance, stylish cameras that are ideal for capturing adventures when you’re on the move. Whether shooting stills or Full HD video, these new super-zoom COOLPIX cameras will capture the scene in vivid detail and the added features such as Auto HDR mode and 3D capability are bound to impress creative photographers.

“The COOLPIX L310 offers excellent shooting versatility thanks to the wide angle 21x NIKKOR zoom lens. Add to this the simple design and advanced auto technologies, you have a fantastic camera that gets you close to the action with minimum effort.

“The P310 is an ideal choice for photographers looking for a combination of stunning image quality and portability from a compact camera. Its super bright f/1.8, 24mm ultra wide angle zoom lens produces images with exceptional resolution and detail, whilst the manual modes and image stabilisation technology give extra flexibility.

“The COOLPIX S30 is perfect for sharing great family moments with your children. It’s not just about design with this camera; the 10MP sensor and 3x optical zoom work together to produce superior stills and video.”

Here’s a lowdown on the new Nikon COOLPIX line-up.

S2600- already released

L25 – Easy auto mode
10MP, 5x wide angle lens, 3in LCD screen.
Comes in four colours: Silver, black, red and white.
Price: £70, to be released 16 Feburary.

A camera for anyone new to photography, the L25 promises to make photography effortless with simple controls and smart automatic technology. Depending on what light conditions you’re facing, the easy auto mode optimises all camera settings to ensure that all your images are consistently impressive. Built-in electronic Vibration Reduction and Motion Detection avoids camera shake, and the Smart Portrait System includes features such as a Smile Timer and Skin Softening.

L26 – Good for beginners
16MP, 720p video recording, 5x optical zoom lens, 3in LCD screen.
Comes in three colours: Silver, black and red.
Price: £100, to be released 16th February.

Another simple camera for the beginners in photography. The functional L26 is everything you need to capture “the important things in life” with its one-touch video recording and easy auto mode. The 5x optical zoom lens produces crisp images and is good for close ups and family group shots with its large megapixel count.

L310 – The all-rounder
COOLPIX L310 Spec:
14MP, HD 720p video recording, 21x optical zoon (25-525mm), 3in LCD screen.
Only available in black.
Price: £200, to be released 15 March.

With convenience and comfort in mind for its design the L310 is the ideal camera for all types of photography, according to Nikon. The flexibility of featuring a long zoom makes close up action and panoramas possible, whilst the high ISO capability is suitable for low light shooting, all in one camera. The 17 scene modes include popular styles, effects and locations giving you a variety in what and how you shoot photographs. An added bonus is the Scene Auto Selector mode which allows the camera to select the optimum scene depending on your situation. If you’re more of a portrait enthusiast then the L310 features a Smart portrait system that offers a smile timer, skin softening, blink proof and red eye fix solutions for flawless pictures.

P310 – For serious photography
COOLPIX P310 Spec:
16MP, f/1.8, 24mm 4.2x optical zoom lens, 3in LCD screen, Full HD 1080p movie recording up to 120fps.
Available in two colours: Black and white
Price: £300, due to be released 22 March.

On to a more advanced, powerful compact, the COOLPIX P310 is designed for “serious photography”. Featuring cutting-edge image technology with the fastest NIKKOR lens ever featured on a COOLPIX camera along with its bright and quick f/1.8 lens that will deliver sharp images whatever the conditions. Full creative control is granted with four manual exposure modes: Programmed Auto (P), Shutter-priority (S), Aperture-priority (A) and Manual (M). What’s more, Nikon’s second-generation advanced lens-shift vibration reduces camera shake and allows shutter speeds up to four stops slower. The built-in HDMI connector lets you connect the camera directly to a HDTV, so you can share view your photos instantly.

S30 – Good for kids
10MP, 3x optical zoom 29-87mm lens, 2.7in LCD screen, 720p video recording.
Available in four colours: White, black, pink and blue
Price: £10, due to be released 29 March

The ultimate family camera, the S30 is waterproof (to the depths of 3m) and shockproof (from heights of 0.8m) with large buttons and simple menus, this COOLPIX model is suitable for everyone from children to grandparents and those in between. Not just a gimmicky camera, its functional features such as the 10MP sensor ensure that it’s a camera that really works, says Nikon. Designed with a child in mind, the raised lens and symmetrical build make sure that fingers don’t make it into a shot, and built-in filters let them put their own creative stamp on their images with an impressive outcome.

S9300 – Easy video
COOLPIX S9300 Spec:
16MP, 25-450mm coverage 18x optical zoom, 3in LCD screen, Full HD movie recording
Available in four colours: Red, silver, black and blue
Price: £300, due to be released 15 March

A high zoom compact camera for cultured individuals who enjoy travelling, sports and music concerts, the S9300 captures fine details behind its slim-line body. Innovative features include a recording function that lets movie makers shoot film, pause, then continue with their video and the camera will create one movie file for a smooth playback. As well as this, the built-in GPS capability lets you tag your photos at any time, or track your route on the move.

S6300 – The 3D option
COOLPIX S6300 Spec:
16MP, 10x optical zoom, Full HD 1080p movie recording
Available in three colours: Black, red and blue
Price: £180, due to be released 16 February
The only unveiled COOLPIX model with 3D shooting capability, the S6300 is the perfect balance between “sophisticated style and high-tech brilliance.” With a distinctive portable design you can take it around with you anywhere and capture those memories with ease, from wide-angle group shots to close ups. Control the colour of your images or add a splash of vibrancy with its 19 fun built-in features.

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