New Bamboo Stylus pen for photo editing

Bamboo Stylus feel

The new Bamboo Stylus pen is said to have a more natural feel that should enable android and tablet users to better edit photos and other features on their devices.

Wacom has designed a new Bamboo Stylus range called ‘feel’ that has been crafted to allow users to be more creative with their smart devices by providing what they believe are pressure sensitive and naturally feeling pens.

The technology that should make these creative ventures possible is Electro-Magnetic Resonance, which uses waves of communication, not just communication through physical touch between the stylus and the device. This should make usage even more accurate and enable users to flex their creative muscles.

To read more about the new Bamboo Stylus feel range, please see the press release below from Wacom.


Press release:

Wacom announces an addition to its successful Bamboo Stylus range: Bamboo Stylus feel. These pressure sensitive and natural-feel pens are initially available for the latest-generation Windows 8 and Android tablets based on Wacom feel IT Technologies.

Known for its pressure sensitive pen input devices, Wacom is putting this well proven technology into the hands of mobile users. The new Bamboo Stylus feel provides the highest quality and most accurate note taking experience for those who want to capture thoughts and creative ideas on smartphones or media tablets. Writing, sketching, photo editing, doodling or creating mind-maps even on the go: The stylus is ready to hand for whenever inspiration strikes, transferring all of the advantages of using pen and paper directly to the digital world.

The feel range of the popular Bamboo Stylus pens feature advanced, active Wacom ‘feel IT’ Technologies, that work with a special sensor built into a number of leading mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Compared to capacitive styli - among them the Bamboo Stylus solo, duo and pocket available for iPad, iPhone and other touchscreens – the new Bamboo Stylus also allows pressure sensitive pen input on ‘feel’ enabled screens while taking notes. Due to Electro-Magnetic Resonance (EMR) technology, pen and tablet communicate with each other via waves, not just via touch - promising better accuracy and precision.

One technology – two models
Bamboo Stylus feel is on offer in two high quality versions, the Bamboo Stylus feel and the Bamboo Stylus feel carbon, both offer a comfortable pen format that delivers a natural, balanced feel in the hand. Available in black and white, the Bamboo Stylus feel is a stylish pen that perfectly matches the design of current smartphones or media tablets. A satin texture makes the stylus feel comfortable in use, while shiny aluminum accents deliver classiness to its clean and modern design.

Gadgets such as smartphones and media tablets are already far more than just an accessory. They reflect our lifestyle and are more and more becoming a status symbol. For sophisticated consumers looking for the ultimate complement to their daily digital companion, Wacom has added a premium edition to its feel brand: The Bamboo Stylus feel carbon - a stylus just as valuable as the thoughts of its users. The high quality carbon fibre pen offers the same high quality, but comes in smart executive-silver and black, combining excellent design with best-in class technology.

Dependent on their individual requirements, consumers are also able to choose between a soft rubberised or a more solid nib included in both packaging.

Bamboo Stylus Family
The Bamboo Stylus feel models extend the Wacom Stylus line-up. They join the multi-purpose Bamboo Stylus duo – a rubber nib and a ball-point ink pen in one – the Bamboo Stylus pocket – a compact and extendable stylus for usage on the go – and the colourful Bamboo Stylus solo range – a rubber nib pen for media tablets in a choice of colours: blue, green, pink, orange, black and white.

Availability and pricing
The Bamboo Stylus feel in black or white is priced at £34.99, the premium edition Bamboo Stylus feel carbon is priced at £69.99. All prices are including VAT. They will be available from 2 January 2013.

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