G-Technology announce winner of Driven Creativity awards

Driven Creativity competition

G-Technology has announced the overall winner of its Driven Creativity 2012 awards.

Taking the top spot is “A Fox Tale,” by a group of four students headed up by Julien Legay. This animation team will receive a grand prize of 5,000 Euros as well as an innovative G-Technology 8TB G-RAID with Thunderbolt for their project that focuses on ‘the poetic and artistic side of Asia’. To see other category winners and runners-up, please click here.

The winning piece, along with the category winners and runners-up, was showcased at a special exhibition last night at Shoreditch Studios, London. The private gallery event featured collective works of the Driven Creativity awards competition in a wide range of media from short film to animation and photography and music.

“We are so incredibly proud to have won this award,” said group head Julien Legay. “We are a group of four students that are fascinated by animated feature films from the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks. We have so much passion for animation and film making and it’s great that G-Technology offers a platform for people like us to showcase our work. We will use the 5,000 Euros to improve our skills and continue to make great animation films.”

Judges quotes:
• “Great work of animation,” said Philippe Gonzales, Instagramers.
• “My daughters loved it. Not as much as I did though,” said Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, filmmaker.
• “A beautiful piece of animation. Excellent production and edit,” said Simon Leach, The Association of Photographers, the U.K.
• “Lush looking animation with fantastic production values and a riveting score,” said Joris de Man, composer.

What makes a creative person tick?

The Driven Creativity competition celebrates creative accomplishments in multiple disciplines by creators from all over the world. As part of the competition, G-Technology conducted a survey with award entrants to gain a deeper understanding of what drives the creative community. The results paint a picture of highly dedicated individuals who are willing to sacrifice a lot to answer their creative calling.

The survey of European and U.S. entrants unearthed that more than half (56 per cent) taught themselves their art, with only 22 per cent attending art or trade schools/colleges. The research also revealed that more than half (51 per cent) of respondents claim that their parents did not support a career in the arts, despite almost two thirds (64 per cent) claiming they started their artistry at age 18 or younger.

“We called the contest Driven Creativity for a reason,” said Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, HGST Branded Business. “It’s obvious from the entries we’ve had that the creative process is not just about craft and skill, it’s about passion, drive, inspiration, hunger and desire. Many of our entrants have overcome family objections and taught themselves from scratch. They didn’t give up or take the easy way out. Why? Because their passion drove them on, and we salute them for it.”

Additionally, the research discovered what drives creativity, with 18 per cent answering ‘adventure/challenge’ and only three per cent answering ‘recognition/fame.’ A huge 80 per cent answered ‘passion’, and passionate they are as 39 per cent said they’d give up Facebook, and two per cent said they’d give up their best friend in order to keep practicing their art.

The third annual Driven Creativity awards were highly competitive and attracted 1,129 submissions in the professional and amateur categories throughout Europe. Open from 19 June to 24 September 2012, the competition was designed to recognise established and up-and-coming talent, with all entrants having an equal chance of winning, regardless of size and budget within each category. A jury panel of G-Technology’s expert G-TEAM members and industry professionals judged the shortlist of candidates to decide the winners and runners-up in each category, basing their decisions on the uniqueness, quality, creativity and the resourcefulness that went into achieving the end result of each category-winning entry. The G-Technology Driven Creativity judges included Instagramers, Isenseven, Joris De Man, Kipper, Ólöf Arnalds, Philip Bloom, Rupert Murray, Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, The AOP, Tim Flach and Urban Nerds.

To download an image detailing the infographics of the creativity survey please click the link in the resources section just underneath this article to see the results for yourself.



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