National Geographic presents Most Amazing Photos

Most Amazing Photos

National Geographic presents Most Amazing Photos, released by Fremantle Media Enterprises on 1st November priced £29.99 With compelling images of beauty from our planet, shot by some of the world’s best photographers, discover what it would be like on an assignment from National Geographic. This 3 DVD set contains 12 programmes that go behind the lens of iconic images.

Earning the “yellow border” is one of the most highly-prized accomplishments in photojournalism, and National Geographic’s Top 10 Photos looks at the stories that really set this world famous magazine’s photos apart. Eye-opening and evocative, these images are among the best published anywhere in the world. With flair, action, and behind-the-scenes footage, National Geographic’s Top 10 Photos counts down the best of the best from the Magazine.

In Extreme Exposures discover what it’s like to be a National Geographic photographer and how they get those one-in-a-million shots? Now, in this ten episode adventure series, live their stories as you ride shotgun on incredible journeys into the wild, onto the ice, beneath the waves – anywhere their assignments take them. These are pros, the best shooters in the world who don’t flinch in extreme environments and who always come back with that magical shot.

The Photographers discovers the people behind the cameras. For generations, National Geographic Magazine has revealed the beauty, variety and mystery of our planet. For most of that time the stories have been told with compelling images as well as words. So who are the people behind the camera? Meet some of the world’s best photographers as they reflect on their jobs and on their art.

Capture the essence of National Geographic photography with this amazing DVD collection which will inspire, inform and develop the photographer in anyone.


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