Your top favourite photographers

Damian McGillicuddy

We recently set to the social media sites to find out who you the readers would like to sit and have a cuppa with and a good old natter to about photography. Here are the results.

Top 40 photographers


Martin Middlebrook: And a beer, not cuppa!!





Jim Brandenburg: Because I want to know the stories behind his spectacular photographs





Gregory Crewdson: just to pick his brain





Don McCullin: Such a compelling amount of stories





Martin Parr: I love the way he sees and captures so much in ordinary situations. I love people watching, and I think he'd be fascinating to talk to.





Andy Rouse: Love wildlife photography





Sue Bryce: A) Great attitude, B) Selflessly passes her knowledge on, C) Humble, D) Very pretty.




Joel Grimes: I love his work, he seems to be interesting and easy to listen to




Annie Leibovitz: To hear about the 60s and more






Heather Angel: A love of macro and flowers




Michael Crouser: Look at his work and you'll see why! Amazing amount of talent. A lot to learn from him




Eric Treacy: Were he alive - brilliant days of steam




Damian McGillicuddy: his ability to shape light amazes me





Vivian Maier: Sadly she's passed away now but left the legacy of 150,000 images. She put herself in some dangerous neighbourhoods to get those shots, I'd love to know what drove her.




Alvin Langdon Coburn: I'd love to know how he came up with his abstract ideas




Rankin: Just because I enjoyed his alive series




Scott Kelby: He's an incredibly talented and gifted photographer, and I find him very easy to relate to. I owe a great deal of my knowledge and motivation as a photographer to him




Margaret Bourke-White: She was so brave and was the first woman to cover many places





Elliott Erwitt




Ed Weston: He's been my lifetime inspiration




Alison Shaw: I've actually participated in two workshops with her and I just love her work!





Doug Anderson: With a glass a red!!




Gerda Taro




Bob Gruen: He's the bee's knees





Bob Croslin: A photographer out of St. Petersburg, Florida known for his lighting effects, sport shots, and work with injured birds. His series Grounded just won pictures of the year




Ansel Adams




Ludovic Woerth




Diane Arbus: Amazing inspiration




Steve McCurry




Ross Hoddinott: To do a macro workshop with



Norman Parkinson: Tea with him would have been very civilised!



Joe Cornish: Love his landscapes



André Kertész: I love his work and find it a constant inspiration.




Andrew Dunning: Commercial Photographer





Chase Jarvis: Because he prefers vodka to tea




Charlie Waite: I could learn so much from him




Ian Roman - a true specialist in his field.




Henri Cartier-Bresson






William Allard




Flóra Borsi


If you could add a name to the list, who would you add? Tell us in the comments box below or on our social media networks.





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  1. David Bailey

    Comment made by: moonraker6x
    08.08.13 15:34:28

  2. Some very big names on the list, I can say I have seen Damian at work and can say he is a god when it comes to lighting.

    Comment made by: Essex Photographer
    11.06.14 19:37:24

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