Valentine quiz: which camera are you?

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V Day, the big day of mushy expressions of fuzzy feelings and the giving of copious amounts of gifts to a loved one. But which camera best describes your romantic inclinations? Take our personality quiz to find out

Are you an old romantic? A modern-age lover? A thrill seeker? Less said about the latter the better perhaps. Delve deep into our quiz of hopeless romanticism and you might learn something about yourself and what your heart desires.

1. On a first date you
*Bring flowers, dress up and stare hopelessly into my date’s eyes over a candle-lit dinner (A)
*Surprise them with something rad and fun, like zorbing or rock climbing! (C)
*Totally update my Facebook status to tell everyone what an awesome time I’m having (B)
*Meet for a drink, somewhere not too loud but with a good atmosphere so we can get to know each other (D)

2. Your gift to your lover is
* A tablet, or a cool gadget or app, anything to keep up with the times (B)
* Something I know they’ve wanted for ages, so I can see that smile on their face when they open it (D)
* A blindfold so they can’t see me leading them to the bungee jump I’ve booked! (C)
* A massive box of chocolate or maybe even a piece of expensive jewellery (A)

3. In the bedroom you are
* I’m not going to tell you that! One does not kiss and tell. All you need to know is, things are good (D)
* I should write a book on what I do, but it would probably be banned (B)
* Pretty much a wild animal (C)
* Don’t you wait until you’re married for that kind of thing? Am I blushing? (A)

4. When you and your lover argue
* It’s wild and fiery but it always ends well (C)
* I send gifts and serenade them outside their window bene (A)
* I put a sad smiley on their Facebook wall then judge how much trouble I am in by how many x’s I get in the reply (B)
* I just look them in the eye and say sorry, it’s heartfelt and sincere, the best way (D)

5. If you find yourself alone
* Then that’s okay, I know the right person is out there somewhere (D)
* I will find the one, it’s written in the stars (A)
* Then I will fill the silence with the sound of the wind whipping my hair on a mountain, jumping from and aeroplane or catching some serious surf! (C)
* Have you seen my friend list? I don’t do alone. Hash tag popular! (B)

6. Your future together is
* Woah steady now, it’s way too early for that! (B)
* How does that rhyme go? Something like, first comes love, then comes marriage…(A)
* An adventure man, plain and simple. Let’s live it up! (C)
* All I can hope is that it’s a happy one but I try to live life for every day and not plan too far ahead (D)





Mostly As: The hopeless, nostalgic romantic
You are the true black and white, his and hers dressing gowns sort of romantic. You are the vintage film camera, much loved and hanging on in there through the changing times of the modern industry. You like what you know and you know what you like and you don’t like change. You make each moment count and truly value those Polaroid and film memories. If a candle-lit dinner and a self-composed song accompanied by an acoustic guitar beneath your lover’s window doesn’t say love, you don’t know what will.


Mostly Bs: The social modernist lover
You love to move with the times, if everyone else is doing it, you are too. You are sociable, and you share your life with everyone and every opportunity. You are the smarphone; modern, edgy and your personal life is but a button clicked share away from the rest of the world. If love isn’t for sharing then what’s the point in it.


Mostly Cs: The adventuresome partner
You love life, you were born to live it, to the max. Your lovelife is fast-paced and crazy. You're the action camera; if it’s not exciting, if you’re adrenaline isn’t pumping and you don’t ache the next day, this relationship isn’t for you. So charge up your battery, clamp on your tough outer housing and get living.


Mostly Ds: The average Joe
There’s nothing wrong with being the average Joe, it's what everyone ultimately wants, whether they have realised it or not. You're grounded, not too high maintenance and let’s be honest, one of the hottest things on the market even if sometimes people do forget that; You are the DSLR, an all-rounder who likes to please and although you don't always stand out from the crowd, you're the one that everyone will come looking for when the high life of adrenaline and social status has worn off.



Photography Monthly’s secret camera crushes:
We have some secret crushes of our own here in the office, so we thought we would do a cheeky bit of kiss and tell ourselves to celebrate Valentines Day. We reveal the cameras we would just love to take home with us, away from prying eyes.

Group Editor Adam Scorey:

My crush: I’ve owned two Leicas, both film cameras, an R4 and an R8 and they made sense back in the film days. However, much like the really hot girl at school that you were desperately in love with but who only ever went for the cool or bad guys, the M6 is my true love – and much like Samantha, was for a long time out of reach. Now, however, the issue is not that I can’t get the girl, err I mean camera, it’s do I want to? It is true that you can never go back; you should never live in the past but it is huge fun to visit every now and then. So, the M6 is my ‘Sam’ (who ended up asking me out and I said no…), part of me, my heart, desperately wants one but the other, my head, is putting up some resistance.


Features Editor Lorna Dockerill:

My crush: When I was eight all I ever wanted was a Polaroid. My friend’s mum had one, which I swiped once, but the films cost 10 quid a pop for 10 prints and my pocket money didn’t stretch that far so I gave it back. These days my secret camera crush is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 25. Plastic (natch), upgraded, and white, so it reminds me of an old school Macbook (also on my retro wishlist) and churns out instant pictures so I can pretend I’m eight again. I love print. I.D.S.T.


Art Editor Noel Hibbert:

My crush: My camera crush is no longer a crush, it’s my true love; my Nikon D800. I waited for what felt like eternity when it first came out but now I have it, it is by my side most days. It is my second wife and it captures all that I see, till death do us part.


Features Writer Jessica Bracey:

My crush: It’s a brand that has been by my side now for many years, and although I haven’t confessed my undying love to my Olympus cameras (which might look a bit weird) secretly I think my OM-40 knows how much I’ve got a crush on it. A hark back to times gone by, its charm and gentlemanly ruggedness keeps me calling. Don’t say anything but its digital better half, the OM-D, might have stolen a piece of my heart. It’s got the look, the feel, it knows how to keep you happy with impeccable quality images, it keeps me excited with all its creative features and takes me by surprise every now and again with its video capabilities. We went on a date together once, to a wedding (how romantic), and it was then that we danced the night away under the disco ball and it didn’t flack once in the low light conditions and kept energised despite its day-long workout. All the guests were going gaga over it and I just couldn’t help myself. I know I may have cheated on the OM-40 for this one night stand, but it’s a crush that is just going to take over, I can feel it now. But hey, a girl can have the best of both worlds, right? Film and digital. At least no one will get hurt, but my pocket.

Multimedia Writer Jade Price:

My crush: the Canon 5D Mark III
This may not seem like a shocking secret crush, as many would love to get their hands on the Mark III, but ashamedly I have a tired but faithful old Nikon D3000 waiting for me at home. The old boy has seen some good times over the years, don’t get me wrong, but I am leaning towards that cliché frame of mind that makes people send you hate mail and cut up your clothes; I want a younger model with more features to play with. So there it is. Brand me if you must! People say you either bat for the Canon or Nikon team. I say you can support both teams secretly!

Tell us which Valentines personality you came out as by commenting in the box below the article or tell us on Facebook! If you really want to go all out on the mush then Lomography have brought out their own Diana cameras, dressed in little jackets of love letters. Click here for more.




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