Valentine's poems: Falling in love with photography all over again

Valentines photography poem

Today has obviously been the big day of love and so what better way to celebrate Saint Valentine than with some readers' poems, declaring their love for photography.

We serenaded you with our own little poem…

Darkrooms are red
The XP150 is blue
You raise my shutter speeds
Because ISO love you!

…and then asked you to compose your own heart-string tugging odes to photography, and you didn’t disappoint. Here are your words of affection for all that is film and digitally wonderful in this world. Awww.


*Steve Francis:
I once fell in love in a darkroom,
Whilst making a print of a pink bloom,
The shutter went click,
My lens did the trick,
As its focal length made my heart zoom.

*Daiva Jurelionyte Kazokiene:

You teach me searching for a meaning
You train my look from the beginning...

I often stop to get the feel of depth,
to look into the vision's heart...

Despite the fact - "ignorance is bliss"
Together we can give a charming moment kiss“

You know, I'm not in love with you, my Cannon EOS 5D
but I can love entire world through you indeed.


*Tasfia Mubashshirat:
Sharpness seized my eyes
Nikon cameras are so nice,

shutter speed is so high
then don’t bade me bye,

happy valentine's day, I love you
ISO is only 80 as my love is true!

Flash is not used
though aperture is 10
I am just amused
because you are the real man!

*Keith Bales:
I stop, I look at the fields and mountains,
I see visions of beauty
I see clouds of white in glorious blue skies
I see flowers in red, yellow and multitudes of colours
I see the beauties of the world, creatures that run, swim and fly
I see creations of man designed to attract and amuse in their functionality
I see love among my fellow existors
I see the towering trees and humble insects
I see water flowing, sand drifting and soil being tilled for the crops ahead
I see the first snowdrops and daffodils
I see the beauty in a rose
I see children smile and hear their laughter
I see the first glint of recognition in a lovers kiss
I see all of gods creations in their differing shades of beauty
I capture them all in my lens and share where I can but:
All these are evermore beautiful reflected and framed in your eyes.

Feel the love in the room for photography! Nice work guys.


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