'The Lens' book review

The Lens

We get a lot of photography books into the office here at PM and it can sometimes be overwhelming with all the How To information that is being wielded by everyone these days. Where do you start when you want to brush up on some of your practical skills? Jade Price may well have the answer.

The Lens by NK Guy is a pretty good place to start I think, if you want a practical guide on being creative with your photography. This particular book breaks down all you need to know about the hands-on side of photography in a clear and precise way; the sections are split up into specific areas of camera-handling and composition so that readers get a comprehensive understanding of their camera, what it’s made up of and its individual capabilities. Complicated language and jargon is broken down and explained so that when you flick through an artsy photography book you know exactly what the writer is on about when they discuss their exposures, metering and any potential problems like chromatic aberration.


Another plus point of the book is the use of images to illustrate given points throughout, if apertures are on the discussion board then a selection of images showing various aperture sizes and diagrams can be found. Lighting and things like depth-of-field are also explained with appropriate images alongside to demonstrate the point being made.

It’s not only a case of images supporting text though, the actual images themselves - particularly on the title pages to each section - display that NK Guy doesn’t only know how to talk the talk but he knows how to walk the walk too. There are some impressive images of architecture and we were pleased to see a wire wool double page spread towards the beginning of the book, something that, as most of you will know, we have dabbled in ourselves a few issues back.


There’s so much information in here that even if you think you know all your stuff, you might be surprised. I certainly picked up a few things when I read it!

The book is published by Rocky Nook and can be found for about £22 on Amazon, which is a decent price for the book’s hefty size and detailed content. Alternatively you can get the iPad version of the book from the iTunes store for £13, which is a great way of viewing this particular publication as you get to explore the photography and it’s a little bit lighter to carry!


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  1. Hey,I found the review interesting and so I will definitely go through the whole book.

    Comment made by: JacobsMelinda
    12.08.13 12:13:05

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