From digital to print: Instagram printing service launched


With the tyrannous rise of the mobile phone camera sweeping the globe, knocking out compact cameras and threatening DSLRs, it perhaps comes as no surprise to see the mighty Instagram bring out its own printing service. Jade Price explores the move.

Instagram has been growing in popularity, with more and more of us succumbing to its pretty and easy-to-apply filters, I myself must admit that the app somehow crept onto my smartphone and I find myself Instagramming nearly every shot!

While my trusty old Nikon D3000 sits in my bedroom, solemnly gathering dust (wow I genuinely feel bad now, might have to hug it when I get home later, you know, just to reassure it) my Samsung Galaxy S3 struts about slapping Instagram images onto my Facebook page for all my friends to see. The filters become addictive and you find yourself taking photos for the sake of it, or I do anyway, just to play with the filters and say ‘Hey Facebook buds, look how cool this orange I drew a face on looks in Instagram!’ No, I seriously did that. Sad I know.


But should we be so quick to blame the mobile phone and Instagram for this alarming industry change? Surely getting people to take more images, be creative and more importantly get excited about photography can’t be anything other than a good thing? In the same way perhaps this new Instagram printing system is a move in the right direction too; it has been a concern that print is becoming a dying breed, with people staying digital and sharing images online or through Wi-Fi. It might be good to see people printing off their images again, holding them, passing them round a group of friends.

See what you think, here’s Instagram’s press release below about their new printing system.

Press release:

Metroprint the online print service from internationally renown specialist photographic lab Metro Imaging, have devised a 5x5in Instagram print on matt or gloss Fuji Crystal Archive paper, available for just 35p per print.

The service, available on Metroprint’s online uploader is designed for high quality prints either from your desktop to your door, or as a walk in service in our EC1 London lab through the Kiosk service.

Instagram, the free photo-sharing, social network app was launched in October 2010 and now has a staggering 30 million daily users. It is at the heart of the urban scene and has become a huge trend among the tech savvy, offering users the chance to take great quality photographs that are as quick as a Polaroid and as instant as a text message or tweet.

The Metroprint service is straightforward and easy to use, with prints ready within two days (not including delivery time.)

So what do you think? Tell us in the comments box below or join the debate on our Twitter and Facebook pages.


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